Artist Life

HVS Conservatory was born out of Hollywood Vocal Studios.

From day one, the HVS ethos has been closely tied to the city itself, and HVS Conservatory prides itself in offering one-of-a-kind proximity and inside passage to the modern recording industry, practices, and players. Los Angeles was and still remains the music hub of the United States, and we at HVS Conservatory hope all our artists will capitalize on everything the city has to offer.

When you were younger, did you ever dream of the city that never sleeps? A desire to use the gifts that you were given for something more than scribbling in your notebook, singing quietly in the car to your favorite song, or even listening to music and thinking to yourself of all the ways you could have mixed it better? HVSC has elite staff that will help you to cultivate your talents and your passions.

Los Angeles has a vibrant and diverse arts and entertainment scene, and artists will be able to find their niche in no time. We expect them to take advantage of our fantastic location and explore everything the city has to offer, including museums, shows, concerts, and exhibitions both public and private.

In addition to their studies, artists should be prepared to engage in off-hour networking with like minded artists and groups. The music industry is still very much about who you know, and while we can open doors for our artists, it will be up to them to step through by cultivating strong relationships and a sterling reputation. 

International Artists

HVSC Faculty have worked with artists from nearly every continent, and regularly coach international singers in both an in-person and video-chat capacity. HVS Conservatory was established in part to give International artists a home and hub in the United States, right in the heart of the entertainment capital.

We’re excited to finally have a single location where our artists can gather, collaborate, and create. We welcome and encourage international applications, and if accepted will work with the artist and their home consulate to secure all requisite visas and documentation.

While HVSC conducts all classes in English, we will also consider all ESL applicants. ESL artists must be willing to provide their own translator, and we will make any reasonable accommodations, connections, and introductions we can in order to help bridge language divides.