Adreana Gonzalez

Adreana Gonzalez

Adreana Gonzalez is a multi-talented professional who has found success in every area she pursues such as acting, singing, writing, and teaching. She has been a fixture of the Hollywood scene for over two decades and counts a wide range of industry insiders as friends and colleagues. This experience allows her to give her students practical and actionable advice beyond just technique. She knows what it takes to succeed as a working entertainment professional. She has worked with celebrities like Will Ferrell, Jessie Reyez, Graham Patrick Martin, Lexi Ainsworth, and many more.

While her pedigree is nothing to sneer at, Adreana’s expertise as a teacher comes in part due to her own setbacks as a student. She suffered significant muscle tension, leading to a consistently flat pitch in her first bridge. Despite years of training with some of the greatest teachers in the world, she wasn’t reaching her full vocal potential. It wasn’t until she was in her late 20’s that she met Jeffrey Skouson who was finally able to identify and help her correct her issues. The moment she was able to sing through her first bridge without any tension or pitch discrepancy was a revelation. Adreana wants to share this same feeling of accomplishment and joy with her own artists to help the singer that has tried every other method to finally overcome their biggest hurdles, and achieve mastery. 

As a vocal coach Adreana has worked with artists such as Will Ferrell, Jessie Reyez, Savannah Hudson of “Between Friends”, James Torme, Vinchenzo, Graham Patrick Martin, Lexi Ainsworth and many more. She continues to work with major and independent record labels such as Island Records, BMG, Geffen Records, Sony Music, Capitol Records, Artist Publishing Group and many more.

Sessions Taught: Style, Performance, Master Vocal Sessions 

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