Sizzy Rocket

Sizzy Rocket challenges what it means to be an artist in 2023 with her DIY approach, poetic lyricism, and signature punk style. It’s easy to hear her corrupting influence on songs she’s penned for artists like Noah Cyrus, Blu DeTiger, Uffie, and Hey Violet. Although originally from Las Vegas, she hails New York City as a large part of her artistic DNA – she attended the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, where she began to hone her songwriting practice and book her own underground shows. After moving to Los Angeles in 2016 with a freshly inked publishing deal with Universal Music Group, she released her sophomore album, Grrrl, independently in summer 2019, followed by Pride festival main stages and a self-booked tour. Her third studio album ANARCHY brought fans together virtually for a unique performance art experience, live from an abandoned water park. The voyeuristic music video for single “Smells Like Sex” received an award from Playboy and was exhibited at Miami Art Week in 2021. Her follow up project, TOO YOUNG TO DIE, was a secret mixtape of covers released via text message and accompanied by 3 self-directed music videos and shows in the UK. Now, fresh from her newest studio album, Live Laugh Love, featuring contributions by VINCINT and super producer Fernando Garibay, it’s clear that Sizzy Rocket is poised for rock stardom… and she’s just getting started.

Sessions Taught: Songwriting II, Songwriting Camps, On Stage Movement, Performance