Our summer Masterclass series is here!

Master Your Mix Vocal Camp w/Expert Vocalist & Coach, Adreana Gonzalez
Friday, June 21st @ 10 am

Have you ever wondered how your favorite singers can flawlessly move from chest to head voice? It’s called a “Mix” and every singer can achieve a strong one with the right guidance.

In this Masterclass, Expert Vocal Coach, Adreana Gonzalez, will work with you on bridging the gap in your technique so you can achieve ultimate freedom with a flawless “Mix”.

Adreana has coached celebrities like Will Ferrell, Jessie Reyez, Lu Kala, James Torme, Savannah Hudson of “Between Friends”, Vinchnzo, Graham Patrick Martin, Lexi Ainsworth, and many more.

In her quest to become one of the most stellar singers in the industry, she took lessons from all the greats but didn’t find a technique that matched her thirst for knowledge and aptitude until Speech Level Singing. She studied the SLS technique for over 10 years until she achieved mastery, and has made it her life’s goal to develop the best voices the entertainment industry has ever heard.

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Performance Camp w/Platinum Producer, Ron Harris
Friday, June 28th @ 1 pm

Ever wanted the opportunity to brush up on your skills with a full band, stage, crowd and an A&R Executive to direct you? In a few weeks you’ll get to! HVSC’s Director of Performance will work with each artist on their stage presence, song choices and goals in the music industry.

Ron Harris is singer, performer, songwriter, A&R executive, star maker, and a dreamer. He found his way into A&R, and spent the formative years of his career helping develop artists like Fergie, Christina Aguilera, and most recently, the Grammy winning producer Trevorious (Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You”).

Ron’s primary passion is helping to develop young talent. He remembers what he was like as a young musician, and wants to help open the same doors for others. He believes that anything is possible if you dream big enough and are willing to work tenaciously to achieve it! So much of success in the music business is mental, and Ron specializes in helping the artist to put themselves in the mental state to succeed. Ron’s ultimate goal is to get every HVSC artist to a point where they can walk into any room with any executive present, and leave them wanting more.

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Vocal Production Camp w/Grammy Nominated Vocalist, Iman Jordan
Friday, July 12th @ 10 am

What goes behind a great vocal mix in the recording studio? Is it luck? Is it talent? Or is it skill?

Skill, baby! Learn the intricacies of what a professional artist goes through in the studio by learning what voices to mix, harmonies to choose, and areas to cut.

The talented artist and songwriter, Iman Jordan, is currently signed with Sony Music. His songwriting talents have graced tracks for Rihanna, Alicia Keys, The Internet, and Jazmine Sullivan. He’s also the signature sound of Hulu’s “Whatever You’re Feeling” fall campaign and has been featured on TV shows like Showtime’s “The Chi”, Fox’s “Empire”, and ABC’s “Station 19.”

Iman has been in the industry recording with some of the greatest artists for almost two decades and knows what it takes to get a great vocal mix for your releases.

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Deconstructing a Hit w/Grammy Winner, Bob Cutarella
Friday, July 19th @ 10 am

Robert Cutarella is a legend and we are so pleased to host him this summer in this unique masterclass!

He has won two Grammy’s, has more than 3,000 published songs, and over 160 platinum records. He began his career in the music industry as a producer and performer. He secured cover recordings, signed and developed writers, and garnered hits with Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson, Sheena Easton, Air Supply, Melissa Manchester, Whitney Houston, Michael Henderson, Diana Ross, Deborah Allen, Dolly Parton, The Police, Elton John, REM, Culture Club, The Human League, ABC, Linda Ronstadt and Frank Sinatra among countless others.

Robert later founded his own publishing/management company Zaymin/Hitlist, which went on to create world-wide hits for Celine Dion, The Temptations, .38 Special, Jennifer Rush, Alice Cooper and more.

Bob knows a great hit and learn from his years of knowledge to see if you’re capable of writing some of your own!

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