Songwriting is looked at as an art but more than that, it is a skill. The most successful songwriters in the market have a formula for what they do and they stick to it. HVSC Sessions in Songwriting give you the tools to find your voice AND learn how to shape and mold other voices and writing rooms. This will include our modern curriculum, showcases in front of LA’s most sought after industry professionals, acoustic sessions with peers and professional musicians, masterclasses with top artists of today’s music scene, and weekly instruction by our master coaches.

Upon completing our sessions in Songwriting you will have:

  • Mastery in collaborating with other songwriters
  • Mastery in varied writing rooms
  • Proficiency in all forms of songwriting
  • Proficiency recording and laying down tracks in the studio
  • Proficiency at mixing and mastering songs
  • Proficiency performing your songs in an acoustic setting
  • Proficiency with a rhythmic instrument
  • Accomplished with your own voicing & style
  • Proficiency at backing vocals & harmonies
  • Accomplished lead vocalist
  • Proficiency at branding, booking & looking over contracts
  • Knowledge of past & present artist trends & movements

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