Alex Cheng, 23 year old high school graduate

My first term at HVSC was phenomenal! I became completely immersed in the world of music and performance, and I was able to gain so much momentum in a short amount of time. My confidence improved leaps and bounds, and there are times when I barely recognize myself. My first term at HVSC gave me such a solid foundation that I will be able to build on for the rest of my career.

Kiana Corley, 26 year old singer/songwriter

My first experience at HVSC was such an unforgettable one. The instructors were so knowledgeable and SO kind and encouraging. These were, by far, the most relevant, real-world music industry classes I’ve ever taken. I genuinely feel more equipped to pursue my craft than ever before!

Brenda H.

Adreana is the VOICE WHISPERER!!

Brandon K.

I highly recommend H.V.S. Adreana's coaching not only strengthened my voice and sharpened my pitch but she took time to listen to my needs and made sure I understood how to apply this training to my own singing in the studio and live. It really helps when a coach cares about your success!

Erika M.

Adreana is an AMAZING teacher! I've been taking lessons from her for over a year and my voice has improved tremendously! I love her technique. She teaches safe/correct singing and wants to provide a strong vocal instrument to have for a lifetime. She has an impeccable knowledge of the vocal chords, musical styles/genres, and the music industry. I highly recommend her to all kinds of singers at any level!! :)

Gregory L.

I have been working via Zoom with Adreana Gonzalez at HVS for 8 months. Having been self taught and performing for 20+ years, this has been an eye (and voice) opening experience for me. Adreana has been a wonderful, kind, clear instructor who adjusts her lessons to focus on my weak points. I have been thrilled to hear my voice grow richer and my range expanding as I learn the vocal line and the nuance of my instrument!

J Pratt

Adreana is an amazing vocal coach. My daughter's voice has improved so much since she started having lessons with her just over a year ago and she has learnt a great deal. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her sessions and really looks forward to them. I can't recommend Adreana highly enough!

Kevin L.

Adreana is absolutely fantastic. She is always so focused, patient, kind and most importantly, made me feel like I could access my own potential. It is such a pleasure to learn from her, and I was so happy to find her! I have studied with six other vocal coaches in the Los Angeles area, and she has been by far the hidden gem for me. She can help you unlearn almost any bad habits you may have, and put your voice through vocal boot camp—breaking down your voice into a simple state of singing in a speaking manner before learning stylistic approaches in such a short amount of time. I am a firm believer in having a vocal coach who preaches what they teach, and with Adreana, the proof is in the singing (as if hearing her student while waiting for your lesson to begin isn’t enough).

Ethan R.

I have been studying with Adreana for almost 3 months now and have had more success than I have ever had with any other vocal coach I have worked with in the past 5 years here in LA. She explains things in a clear and concise way and knew right away how to pin point the singing habits that were not helping me meet my ultimate vocal coach of singing mastery.

I would recommend her services to anyone with a giant 5 star stamp of approval!